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Studio One / Atlas

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Our flagship recording studio, purpose built in 2015 with the help of top acoustician Nick Whitaker (Abbey Road Studios, Konk Studios, Assault & Battery). Designed to create the ultimate creative environment for the modern music maker as well as offer that crucial ‘Hit record’ sound. Not only does Atlas offer a remarkably accurate recording and mixing environment, it also provides the comfort, vibe and instruments that artists need to create ‘their’ sound.  Atlas’s inventive and modern design has proved very popular with our clients for longer sessions, with a huge leather sofa, dynamic lighting and full air-conditioning.

The recording studio is served by a spacious live room and adjoining record booth which both sound fantastic, thanks to bespoke acoustic design. Both rooms are highly configurable with 24 channel wall boxes, ethernet, HDMI, midi as well as having configurable acoustics, with a variety of wood, marble and absorbent surfaces to choose from.

Rehearsal Studio 4 can also be wired into the recording studio for larger groups.

Dry Hire with Ease

Engineers and producers looking to dry hire will find state-of-the-art industry tools in our control room, with a custom desk with 26 flying-fader Avid control surface with touchscreen, 64 channels of premium Antelope Audio conversion, a huge range of vintage outboard (including a custom ITA sidecar) and crystal clear monitoring from Focal.  Getting started couldn’t be easier, with an ergonomic workspace which even allows clients to bring their own laptop and connect to our desk with a single usb cable, and operate their preferred DAW, with the gear that will make their project standout from the rest.

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The Gear

Atlas has been carefully configured with a diverse and luxurious palette of sounds. You’ll find classic instruments like the Rhodes stage 73, Hammond Organ and Moog synths and vintage valve outboard from Chiswick Reach, AND, Warm Audio and Neumann to name a few. With over 15 different guitar amps, 7 drum kits and 50 microphones to choose from, including vintage Neumanns, Sontronics, Nevaton and Byetone, all selected for their unique tone, Atlas allows your record to get that ‘classic’ or ‘modern’ sound.

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Studio 1

Our flagship recording studio.

Studio 2

Is our luxury writing studio.

If you’re looking to get some some ideas down in a really comfortable environment then look no further.

Studio 2 comes with all the same gear as studio one minus the mic amps.

Studio 3 / Mixing Suite

Need a quite place to finish off your mix and maybe add a few vocal overdubs?


Then Studio 3 is for you.  It’s cosy but it’s very functional and the monitoring is perfect.