Film and Photography Studio

Film and Photography Studio

3,600 SQ. FT. Film Studio. 580 SQ. FT. Cyclorama

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   Phone: 020 7249 7538
Film and Photography Studio

A unique, semi-sound-proof film location, photography studio and event space in the heart of East London  This studio is big!  Photos studios in East London do not come close to this in terms of size or location.  In the heart of London’s creative hub the blue studios film and photography studio is a massive 3600 sq ft with ceilings 8m high at the apex and large 180 degree cyclorama of 580 sq ft.  Again this is quite a large white cove studio. With exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors and a buzzy atmosphere your creativity can be let loose in style and comfort.

A flexible space

Due to it’s size, exposed brick wall, 580 sq ft cove and ground-floor access the studio rivals any smaller stage studio locations in London and the UK and therefore has been host to a number of different projects including feature films, dance rehearsals, art installations, fashion shoots and music videos.  Limited parking is also available.   Contact the studio manager today about your project.

Studio Features

Film and Photography Studio


The film studio is located on the ground floor so access is possible via the roller shutters. Drive-in access is also possible. Clearance of 4m from the ground to the top of the shutters.

Lighting Grid

8m wide x 6m deep unwired lighting suspension grid Formed from 280mm aluminium box truss
Main tube Ø 50mm
Brace Ø 20mm
Rated for a maximum payload of 1500kg
Access via hydraulic scissor lift (included)

Location Location Location

Based right in London’s creative heart.  You probably live close by.

Film and Photography Studio Floor Plan

Power and Distribution

We have two 3 phase outlets:
1 X 32A 3 phase outlet
1 X 63 A 3 phase outlets

Distribution box 63a

1 x 32a 3 ph
2 x 32 a 1 ph
2 16 a 1 ph

Sound Proofing

At the beginning of 2017 we built a wall  at the front of the studio to stop street noise from seeping in. The studio now is very quiet. Whilst we cannot say it’s 100% sound proof there is very little chance that recording audio will be affected by outside noise, though we always recommend coming in for a recce should you have any specific requirements or concerns.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup

The photography studio has it’s very own hair and makeup area with wash basin two illuminated mirrors.  It doubles as a wardrobe area with all the hangers your team could need along with a clothes steamer and an iron.

We also have slippers and robes for the talent should you require it and there are shower rooms too.

Café and Catering

We also have a very large café for you and your crew to enjoy lunch in or use as a production office.  The space is very large and can accommodate up to 50 people for lunch and access to this area is included as part of the hire fee.  For more information click through to the café section of the website.